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Turf Care and Grooming Services

  1. Brush out turf frequently in high traffic areas to prevent matting with a hard bristle push broom or plastic rake stroking or pushing against the grain of the pile or grass blades. Use carpet rake to remove fine particles. Use blower to remove large debris or particles.
  2. To control pet odors and maintain cleanliness, wash down & rinse affected areas with “TurfFresh” Odor Eliminator Solution available through WaterLess Turf by applying with a mixer/hose sprayer device.
  3. Clean stains with a natural orange or green cleaner solution by applying and scrubbing with a hand scrub brush and rinsing afterwards.
  4. Waterless Turf can provide for a scheduled “Grooming Service” on an “as needed” basis which will include machine “brush out”, cleaning and deodorizing with “TurfFresh”, and application of additional “Durafill” infill if required. The fee for this service will vary according to size of area to be groomed and treated with a minimum service call fee.
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